Ok, as a rocksmith addict, this makes me very very happy. Top ten! /shamelesswootpost

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    U.S. Government Caught Pirating Military Software, Settles For $50 Million | TorrentFreak

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    Eating popcorn in the cinema makes people immune to advertising

    So, I wonder what will happen now in cinemas, will the big advertising giants be able to persuade cinemas to drop a profitable part of their business because it stops powerful adverts from being even more powerful. There will be blood on the seats by the time this is ended, mark my words!

    • 11 months ago

    …and fuck twitter too

    This morning I hit the kill switch on my faecebook account. I also twittered about this, and because I haven’t used twitter much I received a couple a snarky-sounding comments. There’s every chance they weren’t meant that way, but it highlighted the inherent communication problems of open communication in 140 characters, so I have removed all my twitter apps as well, though I’m keeping the account alive in case of earthquake.

    You could bottle my sense of deep internal relief and sell it to unhappy people.

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    • 11 months ago

    MIKE OLDFIELD To Release New Album On January 27, 2014 - Prog Sphere - A Different View of Progressive Music

    Not just that, but tonight C4 are screening a documentary on Tubular Bells in the UK. TB was one of my first real influential albums, and I’ve been working on 2 re-recordings of my own for over a decade (which will almost definitely never see the light of day, they are pure personal projects)

    I’m really looking forward to watching this assuming it surfaces on the internets soon.

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    Leaving Facebook

    For several reasons, I’m (rage)quitting facebook in the next 24 hours. It’s a combination of privacy (lack of), freedom of speech (lack of) and the fact that it’s a platform primarily for corporate and US govt interests to get their hands on intimate details about my life and friendships.

    I would have left long ago, but, surprise surprise, friends are addictive!

    One of the other key reasons I’m leaving is that my writing/journalism output was falling into the black hole of facebook posts and thread arguments, and I’d stopped blogging and publishing to other spaces, so from now on, all the cool science links and tech stories will be republished here, and I’m thinking about resurrecting the g33k show channel on youtube and publishing there again.

    So, I’m not sure how long this tumblr blog will stay the main focus, but it’s my temporary home until I put together a solid online identity and publishing strategy. If you liked my posts on facebook, follow this blog instead. If you thought I was an insufferable anti-religious arsehole, then don’t. I’m not likely to change any time soon.

    I’ll miss seeing the small details of old friends lives pass by. Especially living on the other side of the planet from all the great people I grew up with in the North East, all my old Surfers mates (you guys especially!), my friends from Bristol, most particularly the Bristol Rave crowd, who were like a second set of Surfers buddies. For those that don’t know - I don’t surf - Surfers was a scuzzy nightclub for the waifs and strays that were my family when I lived in Newcastle.

    I’m sure that we can all stay connected though outside of faecebook (sic).

    Facebook, for all it’s flaws, really helped me reconnect with all these people, who otherwise would be out of my life and would drift into memory. This reconnection has brought me much pleasure and satisfaction, especially with all my old friends now raising families, having mostly successful happy lives etc. I really hope that leaving this ever-more-shitty social networking platform doesn’t separate me from that permanently. 

    I’m sure we’ll all meet on a better, more private network.

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    Found a good reflection of the sun ready for the partial eclipse later today

    • 1 year ago

    This is an update for all of you that know our cat Muff. He has just got back from 5 days at the vets, with a very swollen kidney. The bad news is that he’s been diagnosed with a renal lymphoma. The good news is that it’s only affecting one kidney. Back to the bad news, it turns out Muff has only got one kidney. That cat always did have a sense of humour.

    Anyway, he’s back home and, for a while at least, feeling better. The prognosis is weeks/months, but not days (thankfully) or years(realistically). The treatment he’s on could halt the spread and there are slim chances for him, but however long he’s got left, he’s now getting spoiled rotten.


    • 2 years ago

    Here are a few test renders of my next sculpture for shapeways. I’m really looking forward to getting one of these made for real :)

    • 2 years ago